Saturday, January 24, 2015

CathCon Daily - 1/24/2015

Easy Money and Crony Capitalism - Brendan Brown, Mises

When Artists Fear Their Audience - Franklin Einspruch, City Journal

Government spending multipliers in good times and in bad - Ramey & Zubairy, VoxEU

Restore Marriage and the Family - Collette Coprara, The Daily Signal

Downplaying Doctrine - James Kalb, The Imaginative Conservative

Will the 2015 Synod Bury Church Teaching on Contraception? - Father Mark Pilon, Catholic Thing

The Witness of Alec Guinness - Dwight Longenecker, The Imaginative Conservative

Forced Baking 2.0 - Andrew Walker, First Things

Friday, January 23, 2015

CathCon Daily - 1/23/2015

Bias in the Implementation of Sexual Assault Laws - Mike Rappaport, Liberty Law Blog

GOP Catastrophe on Abortion Bill - Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Onward for Life: Why We March - Sarah Torre, The Daily Signal

Banning Smoking in Private Homes - Jesse Hathaway, Human Events

Sheldon Silver and the Price of Doing Science - Walter Olson, Cato

Neutral Principles in Campaign Regulation - John McGinnis, Liberty Law Blog

Making a Bipartisan Case for Common Sense - Robert Moffit, Daily Signal

Making Community College Free - Peter Lawler, The Imaginative Conservative

Prohibit Federal Funds From Paying for Abortion? - Melissa Quinn, The Daily Signal

Right to "Personal Recreation"? - Wesley Smith, First Things

Usury and Feneration - David Warren, The Catholic Thing

Constitutionality of Conjugal Marriage Laws - Robert George, Mirror of Justice

Love & Republicanism in Lvóv - Peter Rieth, The Imaginative Conservative

Against terrorism — but for what? - Patrick Buchanan, Human Events

Thursday, January 22, 2015

CathCon Daily - 1/22/2015

Reforming the Administrative State Is a Game of Inches - Michael Greve, Liberty Law Blog

Why Administrative Law ‘Reform’ Is a Bad Idea - Bruce Frohnen, Nomocracy in Politics

Conservatism Can Win More People Over Than You Think - Lukas & Higgins, The Weekly Standard

Abortion and Magical Thinking - Robert Royal, The Catholic Thing

The Triumph of His Will - Ken Masugi, Liberty Law Blog

Why We Should Call Ourselves Christians - David Conway, Nomocracy in Politics

Gas is Cheaper than Many Other Liquids - Mark Perry, AEI

The Mushrooming Welfare State - George Will, Human Events

Fact Checking Obama’s Jobs Claims - Sherk, et. al., The Daily Signal

Average Annual Defense Spending by Administration - Christopher Preble, Cato

Racial Discrimination When You Didn’t Intend To? - Hans von Spakovsky, The Daily Signal

Legally Accurate Protest Chants Against Citizens United - Orin Kerr, Volokh

Women Still...Support 20-Week Abortion Ban - Katrina Trinko, The Daily Signal

Nature’s Way to Cut Government Waste - Stephen Masty, The Imaginative Conservative

Is Big Pharma Breaking Your Uterus? - Katy French Talento, The Federalist

If the GOP Can't Pass a Late Term Abortion Bill.... - David Harsanyi, The Federalist

Terrified By The GOP’s Abortion Bill Debacle - Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist

Why We Must Fight for the Inviolability of Life - Christopher Kaczor, Public Discourse

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