February 18, 2015

CathCon Daily - 2/18/2015

No Gatekeepers - John Stossel, Human Events

Rediscovering Our Fuller Human Nature - Bevil Bramwell, The Catholic Thing

Pope Francis Is More Than A Politician - Rachel Lu, The Federalist

President Obama’s Narcissism Reflects Our Own - Joy Pullmann, The Federalist

Illinois Looks for a Life Raft - Michael Greve, Liberty Law Blog

How Smart is 50 Shades of Grey? - Kay S. Hymowitz, City Journal

How the Subservient Branch Declares War - Greg Weiner, Liberty Law Blog

Why Economic Dependence on Others Is a Good Thing - Gary Galles, Mises

How Chris Cuomo Gets Rights Wrong - Carson Holloway, The Public Discourse

Law Schools Must Respond to Technological Change - John O. McGinnis, Liberty Law Blog

Curb Your Pessimism - George Will, Human Events

Damaging Admissions - Thomas Sowell, Human Events

Lions & Christians in America - Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Fact Checking the Fed on “Audit the Fed” - Mark Calabria, Cato

Is Libertarian Socialism Our Future? - Bruce Frohnen, Nomocracy in Politics

Hayek vs. Government Health Care - Chris Edwards, Cato

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