February 23, 2015

CathCon Daily - 2/23/2015 (Extra)

When Wisconsin Officials Badger Their Political Opponents - Ilya Shapiro, Cato

John Quincy Adams and Lawyers' Key Arguments - Eugene Volokh, Volokh

Abolish the Filibuster - Charles Krauthammer, Human Events

What Scott Walker Actually Said - Lawrence Kudlow, Human Events

American People Must Tell Politicians No More War - Doug Bandow, Cato

A Strange Leftist Attack on Conservatives - James Pethokoukis, AEI

U.K.'s National Health Service Continues to Deteriorate - Linda Gorman, Human Events

The Predictably Partisan Kennedy Court - David Upham, Liberty Law Blog

Jack Willke, Witness for Life - Chuck Donovan, First Things

The Media’s Obsession with Giuliani - Rod Dreher, American Conservative

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