March 6, 2015

CathCon Daily - 3/6/2015

The Dark Side of the American Dream - Ryan McMaken, Mises

The Rich Roots and Spoiled Fruits of Liberal Toleration - Jeremy Neill, Public Discourse

The Great Terri Schiavo Divide - Wesley J. Smith, First Things

N.D. Prof Accuses Pope of Being a Misogynist - Thomas Williams, Breitbart

Eric Holder Vindicates Darren Wilson - Patrick J. Buchanan, American Conservative

Ten Movies Every Conservative Should See - Stephen Klugewicz, Imaginative Conservative

The World America Unmade - Richard Gamble, Nomocracy in Politics

Issues Important to College Kids in 2016 - Josh Siegel, Daily Signal

Stopping the IRS - George Will, Human Events

Ethanol: The GOP-Supported Rip-Off - Larry Elder, Human Events

Innovation, Creativity, and Civilized Leisure - Peter Lawler, Imaginative Conservative

Retail Sales at Grocery Stores v. Restaurants - Mark J. Perry, AEI

The Epistemology of Imagination - Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Another Fishy Regulation - Ilya Shapiro, Cato

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