May 16, 2015

CathCon Daily - 5/16/2015 (Weekend Edition)

The golden mean, the truth, is no longer recognized or valued. To win applause one must write stuff so simple that a coachman might sing it, or so incomprehensible that it pleases simply because no sensible man can comprehend it. - Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart

Letterman's Farewell - Stefan Kanfer, City Journal

Nobody Wants to Raise the Parents - Elizabeth Scalia, First Things

Maybe Christianity...Is Boring Everyone to Death - Matt Walsh, The Blaze

Barack Obama’s Yalta - David Forte, Liberty Law Blog

Why Liberal Intelligentsia Hate Charter Schools - Tait Jensen, Intercollegiate Review

The ‘Least of These’ Is Not The Poor - Joe Carter, Acton

Money Didn't Change This Man’s Life. But a Mentor Did - Collette Caprara, Daily Signal

The Lax Kw’alaams and Why Property Rights Matter - Peter van Doren, Cato

The Happiness Industry by William Davies - Vicky Pryce, The Independent

The Government’s New Power Grab - Daren Bakst, The Daily Signal

Alan Hurst on Marriage, Etc. - Rick Garnett, Mirror of Justice

Problems with the AFL-CIO's Worker Pay Analysis - Mark Perry, AEI

Our Homophobic Pope - R.R. Reno, First Things

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