June 12, 2015

CathCon Daily - 6/12/2015

There is no fashion so absurd, even grotesque, that it cannot be adopted, given two things: the authority of the fashion-setter (Dior, Jackie Onassis) and the vacuity or noughtness of the consumer. - Walker Percy

Sustainability’s War on Doubt - Peter Wood, Public Discourse

Pelosi Should Stop Revealing Her Religious Ignorance - Holly Scheer, The Federalist

The Media Readies the ‘War on Cops’ - Patrick Buchanan, American Conservative

A House Divided - W.B. Allen, Liberty Law Blog

Unpredictable Renewal - David Warren, The Catholic Thing

Can Gays And Christians Coexist In America? Part V - Dan McLaughlin, The Federalist

Nature and the Imagination - Lowell S. Gustafson, Imaginative Conservative

Even Materialists Crave Religion - Wesley Smith, First Things

Departmentalism versus Judicial Supremacy – Part I - Mike Rappaport, Liberty Law Blog

Diane Rehm Falls for Anti-Semitic Hoax - David Bernstein, Volokh

MI Governor Signs Bills Protecting Freedom of Adoption Agencies - Sarah Torre, Daily Signal

This Won’t Set You Straight On Common Core - Neal McCluskey, Cato

Applying Subsidiarity in Business - Elizabeth Schiltz, Mirror of Justice

N.C....Allows Government Employees to Not Do Gay Marriages - Ryan Anderson, Daily Signal

Dream Weaver in Chief - Michael Greve, Liberty Law Blog

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