June 19, 2015

CathCon Daily - 6/19/2015

The breakdown of the political organization of the Roman Empire had left a great void which no barbarian king or general could fill, and this void was filled by the Church as the teacher and law-giver of the new peoples. The Latin Fathers—Ambrose, Augustine, Leo and Gregory—were in a real sense the fathers of Western culture, since it was only in so far as the different peoples of the West were incorporated in the spiritual community of Christendom that they acquired a common culture. It is this, above all, that distinguishes the Western development from that of other world civilizations. - Christopher Dawson

A Guide to Laudato Si - Joe Carter, Acton

How Thick Is Pope Francis’s Bubble? - Robert Tracinski, The Federalist

Laudato si’ - David Warren, Essays in Idleness

Pope Francis’s Relentless Pessimism Fuels His Faith in Politics - Ryan McMaken, Mises

Pope Francis’ Encyclical Is About More Than Climate Change - Ryan Anderson, Daily Signal

The New Papal Encyclical Has Good Intentions but Bad Effects - Doug Bandow, Cato

Climate as a Common Good - Abraham, et. al., Star Tribune

Let's Listen to the Pope on Climate - Josiah Neeley, First Things

11 Things You Probably Won’t Hear about Pope Francis’ Encyclical - Editors, The Stream

The New Encyclical - Robert Royal, The Catholic Thing

Spin Cycle: Free Markets, Poverty and the Environment - Knappenberger & Michaels, Cato


Riches, Religion, and the New Atheism - Robert T. Miller, Public Discourse

Christian Business Owners Stopped Hosting All Weddings - Kelsey Harkness, Daily Signal

Blaise Pascal on the Intuitive vs. the Logical Mind - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings

Out With the Old Parties and Politicians - Patrick Buchanan, American Conservative

Help End Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuse - David Snead, Daily Signal

Don’t Make Me Love My Work! - Peter Lawler, Imaginative Conservative

Financial Fallout Mounts from Baltimore’s Riot - Paul Dykewicz, Human Events

The Mercantilists Are Marching onto War - Steve Hanke, Cato

America Fights ISIS With Insanity - Andrew Bacevich, American Conservative

San Francisco Defies the Right to Arms - Nicholas Johnson, Liberty Law Blog

Currency Devaluation - Myron Magnet, City Journal

The Softest Soft Target - Matthew Hennessey, City Journal

Deregulate, Don’t Subsidize the Legal Profession - John McGinnis, Liberty Law Blog

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