June 5, 2015

CathCon Daily - 6/5/2015 (Extra)

The Rise of the Preventive State - Eric Janus, Cato Unbound

The Inklings Were Not Closet Pagans - Louis Markos, The Federalist

Excuses, Excuses - Arthur Milikh, Liberty Law Blog

The Importance of the Magna Carta, 800 Years On - James V. Schall, CWR

The Liberalism of Adult Autonomy - Ross Douthat, NYT

Political Correctness Is Ruining Fashion - Maria Santos, The Federalist

California’s Unsustainable Comeback - Chuck DeVore, The Federalist

The Liberals Won The War - Tod Lindberg, Hoover

What Progressives Don’t Get About ‘Aloha’-Style Diversity - Emily Zanotti, The Federalist

A Response to Adam Seagrave - Sardonic Ex Curia

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