July 18, 2015

CathCon Daily - 7/18/2015

How to Parent: A Department of Education Guide - Lindsey Burke, Daily Signal

Why School Choice Matters - Justin Haskins, Human Events

Let Us Imagineer ENDA For You - Walter Olson, Cato

Looking at Porn’s Effects - Diana Stancy, Daily Signal

The Metaphysics of Caitlyn & Planned Parenthood - Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Intellectual Intolerance Behind “Check Your Privilege" - Gary Galles, Mises

Reese on Laycock on Religious Liberty - Rick Garnett, Mirror of Justice

Get[ting] Around the Earmark Ban - Jim DeMint, Daily Signal

Obamacare’s Not-So-Hidden Tax - Aaron Yelowitz, Cato

The Minimum Wage Won’t Miraculously Cure Poverty - Diana Furtchgott-Roth, The Federalist

Sex and Religion - Howard Kainz, The Catholic Thing

Dancing With Words - Gracy Olmstead, American Conservative

Heinlein’s Lessons for Boys - Adam Fuller, Imaginative Conservative

Will Gay Marriage Dissidents Be Treated Like Racists? - Ryan Anderson, Daily Signal

Oregon’s War on the Christian Bakers’ Free Speech - Hans von Spakovsky, Daily Signal

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