July 25, 2015

CathCon Daily - 7/25/2015 (Weekend Edition)

I've Got A Crush On You, Baby - Mark Steyn, SteynOnline

The Connection Between Economic and Cultural Policies - Jim DeMint, Daily Signal

IRS: Shoddy? Corrupt? Both? - Geoffrey Norman, Weekly Standard

The New “Marriage Equality”? - Ryan T. Anderson, Daily Signal

Is Medicare Doomed? - Editors, AEI

Senate Conservatives Seek to Rein In the Court - Roger Pilon, Cato

Don’t Delay Defunding Planned Parenthood - Kelsey Harkness, Daily Signal

Humanae Vitae after Obergefell - Luma Simms, First Things

Terrorists Use Social Media to Win War of Ideas - James Carafano, Daily Signal

The Myth of Privilege - Nikita Chirkov, Imaginative Conservative

What’s Driving the Downturn in Number of Abortions - Charmaine Yoest, Daily Signal

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