July 5, 2015

CathCon Daily - 7/5/2015

The hippies, as they became known, sought nothing less than to sweep aside all codes and restraints of the past and start out from zero.....Among the codes and restraints that people in the communes swept aside—quite purposely—were those that said you shouldn't use other people's toothbrushes or sleep on other people's mattresses without changing the sheets or, as was more likely, without using any sheets at all or that you and five other people shouldn't drink from the same bottle of Shasta or take tokes from the same cigarette. And now, in 1968, they were relearning . . .the laws of hygiene .. . by getting the mange, the grunge, the itch, the twitch, the thrush, the scroff, the rot. - Tom Wolfe

Progressivism, Purposivism, and Historical Contingency - John McGinnis, Liberty Law Blog

Green Pope Goes Medieval on Planet - Joel Kotkin, New Geography

From the Trenches to the Shire - Matthew Young, University Bookman

John Roberts’ America, Where Words Mean Nothing - Kim Holmes, Daily Signal

Wanted: Apostolic Bishops - Bevil Bramwell, The Catholic Thing

Bad Queen Bess - Dwight Longenecker, Imaginative Conservative

Confederate Flag-Waving at the Supreme Court - Ken Masugi, Liberty Law Blog

Some Kindly Advice from a White Old Guy - Joel Kotkin, New Geography

The Final Artistic Taboo - Mark Anthony Signorelli, University Bookman

A Tale of Two Independence Days - Gracy Olmstead, American Conservative

Courtship in the Age of the Pill - George Sim Johnston, The Catholic Thing

The Post-Obergefell Political Trap - Carl Eric Scott, NRO

E. L. James’s ‘Grey’ Goes Inside His Brain - Janet Maslin, NYT

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