July 14, 2015

Desecration of the Dead

While we wait for more evidence (other than the rather damning video) that Planned Parenthood has engaged in trafficking of human organs harvested from aborted babies, we should pause for a moment and say a prayer for the souls of these babies, and we should pray for the souls of anyone who could countenance such an action.

Not content with trampling one ancient prohibition as a means of earning a livelihood - the murder of innocents - Planned Parenthood now takes it upon itself to cavalierly dispose of these bodies not in any way which seems to indicate some respect for the dead (burial, cremation) but as yet another commodity.

This should not be surprising, I suppose. After all, if the rationale for abortion is some hideous combination of reasoning giving a "right to kill" the unborn, how could the dead body be anything other than disposable in any way seen fit? What line could be drawn between the ancient taboos of murder of the innocent and respect for the dead? Upon what reasoning would some advocate for freely available abortion now claim an infusion of moral meaning in the corpse?

The answer is, such an advocate could not, unless upon purely utilitarian terms ("don't use the lungs from this one - it's mother was an alcoholic").

And so we should not be surprised that this sort of thing, that Gosnells, that other gruesome and horrifying practices come to light. If the child has no moral meaning at the beginning, if it has no inherent dignity, then the only dignity which can be given is that given by others; if the mother gives the baby no dignity, then it is beyond the pale for Planned Parenthood doctors to do so.

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