August 16, 2015

CathCon Daily - 8/16/2015 (Weekend Extra)

100 Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Novels - NPR (2011)

Can Trump Build Political Support? - Paul Dykewicz, Human Events

Fiorina on EPA Regulations - Leah Jessen, Daily Signal

Underpayment of Women as Market Failure - Mark Perry, AEI

Saint George Rides Again - Dwight Longenecker, Imaginative Conservative

Let the Killer Robots Live (For Now) - James Carafano, Daily Signal

Nuclear Industry Should Handle Waste - Katie Tubb, Daily Signal

The Myth of Market Deregulation - Norbert Michel, Daily Signal

And Now...Idiots - Midwest Conservative Journal

Trump's Immigration Police State - Rich Cromwell, The Federalist

Learning What We Don't Know - Allen Mendenhall, University Bookman

Trump the Clown Genius - Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Hillary Being Investigated, Not Her Server - Jonah Goldberg, NRO

Gone Today, Hair Tomorrow - Mark Steyn, SteynOnline

Hillary Clinton's Got This - Ross Douthat, NYT

Why We All Love Falstaff - Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal

Fund for Christian Baker - Ken McIntyre, Daily Signal

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