August 18, 2015

CathCon Daily - 8/18/2015

Is ‘Diversity’ the Ultimate ‘Microaggression’? - John Rosenberg, NRO

Congo and the Catholic Church - John Allen, Jr., Crux

Liberal Humility? - Elizabeth Schiltz, Mirror of Justice

Trump and Elitism - Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Hamilton and Constitutional Statesmanship - Carson Holloway, Daily Signal

Donald Trump: A Moderate’s Secret Best Friend - Mytheos Holt, The Federalist

Arkansas, Utah...Latest States to Defund Planned Parenthood - Kate Scanlon, Daily Signal

Trump Declares War on Mexico - Robert Tracinski, The Federalist

Clean Up “Trial by Formula” Class Actions - Andrew Grossman, Cato

Christina’s World - S.M. Hutchens, Touchstone

Tocqueville on Equality and Social Discontent - Marc DeGirolami, Mirror of Justice

Does Contraception Really Prevent Abortions? - Scott Lloyd, The Federalist

How Should We Fight the Culture War? - John Goerke, Imaginative Conservative

The Republican Marriage Advantage - W. Bradford Wilcox, AEI

The French-German Disconnect - Theodore Dalrymple, Liberty Law Blog

The Strange Death of the Center-Left - Michael Barone, Human Events

Group Behind The Planned Parenthood Videos Was Right To Deceive - Hans Fiene, The Federalist

The Geography Of Tolerance - Greg Jones, The Federalist

Hugh Hefner’s Son Rebels - Melissa Braunstein, The Federalist

The Life of a New Human Being Begins at Conception - Lee, Tollefsen, & George, Public Discourse

The Problem of Military Intervention - Karl Walling, Nomocracy in Politics

The Courtesy of Taking Immigration Opponents Seriously - Jeffrey S., What's Wrong with the World

On the Fate of Jesuit Donkeys - James V. Schall, The Catholic Thing

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