August 19, 2015

CathCon Daily - 8/19/2015 (Extra)

Stop Universities From Hoarding Money - Victor Fleischer, NYT

Pathetic Spin from Goldman Sachs - Ike Brannon, Weekly Standard

Medical Technician Reveals Shocking Details in Latest Abortion Video - Leah Jessen, Daily Signal

Climate Regulations Will Hit Low-Income Minority Families Hardest - Nicolas Loris, Daily Signal

Five Questions for Candidates on Education - Kelly & James, AEI

Union Extracts Funds From Nonmember Teacher - Kate Scanlon, Daily Signal

How the Value of $100 Varies Across the Different States - Diana Stancy, Daily Signal

The Hero with a Thousand Faces - David Bahr, Weekly Standard

Is Hillary Above the Law? - Brian Darling, Human Events

TNC, Tolstoy, Dante - Rod Dreher, American Conservative

State Department Clamps Down on Speaking to Congress or Press - Sheryl Attkisson, Daily Signal

Scott Walker: Down But Not Out - Michael Warren, Weekly Standard

The Republican Campaign and Citizenship - Peter Lawler, NRO

Transgender Regret Is Real - Walt Heyer, The Federalist

24 Questions for Jack Phillips - Ken McIntyre, Daily Signal

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