August 5, 2015

Welcoming Constantius

Dear Readers,

At the suggestion of a commentator (commenter? commentor?), I have decided to add a co-author to the blog, now authoring under the pseudonym (pen name? nom de plume?) "Constantius." As explained in the first post s/he authored:

"I teach literature and composition. This means that most of my work entails teaching rhetoric and argument--the art of developing coherent claims and supporting them with appropriate evidence for a given audience."

I do not want anyone to confuse us, so I decided upon this brief introduction. Her / his first post is already posted. I expect that s/he will have a unique and interesting perspective on whatever topics are chosen.

If you have not noticed, at the bottom of each post is the identity of the individual posting. I will try to figure out a way to make that more prominent...

Ed: Done - now the author appears at the top of each post.

Welcome, Constantius!

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