September 22, 2015

CathCon Daily - 9/22/2015 (Extra)

Father, mother, child, which express both the union of the sexes and de production of the being, can only be considered dependently on one another, and relatively to one another. A woman could exist without the existence of a man; but there is no mother if there is no father, nor a child without both of them. Each one of these ways of being presumes and recalls the other two; that is to say, they are relative. Considered thus, they are called relationships, in Latin, ratio; father, mother, child are persons, and their union forms the family. The union of the sexes, which is the foundation of all these relationships, is called marriage. - Louis de Bonald

Book Offers Wide Range of Reasons to Dislike Common Core - Jay Lehr, Heartland

How Many Felonies Did You Commit Today? - Joe Carter, Acton

Political Alignments Suddenly Changing? - Michael Barone, Human Events

Obama’s Faith Isn’t the Issue, But… - David Limbaugh, Human Events

Dr. Paul Church Appeals His Kafkaesque Termination - Michael Avramovich, Mere Comments

Atheism and Morality - Lydia McGrew, What's Wrong with the World

Dems Block GOP Bill That Would Curb Late Abortions - Alan Fram, AP / The Stream

The Double Standard on Smoking vs. Marijuana - Ed Feulner, Daily Signal

“We’re Just Trying to Do Right by Our Students” - George Leef, NRO

Median Income in the United States: Still Falling - Erin Mundahl, Weekly Standard

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