September 29, 2015

CathCon Daily - 9/29/2015

Cuomo Throws Common Core Under the Bus - Petrilli & Pondiscio, Newsday

Catholic Consensus - Leah Libresco, First Things

Ahmed and the Art of the Psychodrama - V.D. Hanson, PJ Media

Back to Science Class for the Science Guy - George & Lee, NRO

Pete Geddes on the American Prairie Reserve - Russ Roberts, EconTalk

The Inexorable Logic of the Sharing Economy - Michael Spence, Project Syndicate

Soaking the Rich Won't Work - American Interest

R.R. Reno on Pope Francis' U.S. Visit - Sean Salai, S.J., America

What the Roman Empire Can Teach Us - Steven Smith, Public Discourse

Learning from Universal Child Care - Angela Rachidi, AEI

University Bans...Restaurant from Giving Its Students Sombreros - Katherine Timpf, NRO

California’s Drought...An Environmentalist Problem - Steven Greenhut, Daily Signal

Obamacare’s Largest Co-Op Collapses - Natalie Johnson, Daily Signal

Tradition and Modernity in “The Godfather” - Mark Malvasi, Imaginative Conservative

Who Were the Inklings: A Primer - Bradley J. Birzer, Imaginative Conservative

Fisking the Hoya - Sardonicus, Sardonic Ex Curia

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