September 4, 2015

CathCon Daily - 9/4/2015

Kim Davis and Progressive Lawbreaking - Sean Davis, The Federalist

The Complicated Kim Davis Case - Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Kim Davis: Political Prisoner? Culture-War Martyr? - Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Obama Sends More Blood Money to Planned Parenthood Butchers - Matthew Clark, Red State

A Nation of Laws No More - Erick Erickson, Red State

Weaponizing Same-Sex Marriage - Matthew Kacsmaryk, Public Discourse

Will Progressives Require Doctors to Kill? - Wesley J. Smith, First Things

GOP Shouldn’t Expect Trump to Be a Good Loser - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary

Freeman Dyson on Science and Poetry - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings

307,000 Veterans May Have Died While Waiting for VA Benefits - Amber Smith, Daily Signal

ESPN Pulls Schilling for...Anti-Radical Muslim Tweet - Dave Urbanski, The Blaze

Walker Calls for ‘Reasonable Accommodation’ in...Clerk Case - Fred Lucas, The Blaze

The Failed Moral Argument for a "Living Wage" - Ryan McMaken, Mises

Slaying the Myths About Plastic Bags - David Henderson, Library of Econ and Liberty

Planned Parenthood Hearing to Take Place Next Week - Kate Scanlon, Daily Signal

Transgender Entitlement: The New Orthodoxy - David French, NRO

Catholicism Has Mass Appeal - Marge Fenelon, N.C. Register

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