September 8, 2015

CathCon Daily - 9/8/2015 (Extra)

Millennials Choose Donald Trump 3-1 - Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit

When Catholics Divorce: New Book - Maggie Lawson, N.C. Register

The Guilty and the Oppressed - Patrick Lynch, Liberty Law Blog

Natural Law and “This Court’s Authority” - Joseph Knippenberg, Liberty Law Blog

Chemerinsky and Goodwin on Religion and Harm - Rick Garnett, Mirror of Justice

Kim Davis Is No Martyr, But Barronelle Stutzman Is - Ilya Shapiro, Cato

Five Problems with the “Secret” Drone Campaign in Syria - A. Trevor Thrall, Cato

Why Kim Davis Was Right Not to Resign - Joe Carter, Acton

How Gregory Peck Fought Hollywood Bigotry - Alyssa Sepinwall, Forward

Wasn't Always This Way - Walter Williams, Human Events

Kim Davis is in Jail, Why Aren't Others? - Rachel Alexander, The Stream

Five Politically Incorrect Observations - John Lynch, Intellectual Conservative

The GOP's Trump Trouble - Myron Magnet, City Journal

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