October 16, 2015

CathCon Daily - 10/16/2015

The Wrath of Cons - Richard Samuelson, Liberty Law Blog

Techno Fixing the Urban Zone - Roger Weber, City Journal

How to Respond to the Transgender Phenomenon? - Robert A.J. Gagnon, First Things

Planned Parenthood is Nothing to Smile About - Wesley Smith, First Things

Effects of Ocean Acidification on Trophic Interactions - Craig D. Idso, Cato

Border Patrol Out Of Control - Patrick Eddington, Cato

Censored Pro-Life Students Seek Legal Action - Leah Jessen, Daily Signal

It’s Time To Be Doers Of Conservatism - Joseph Coletti, The Federalist

Wisdom from Richard Weaver - Mark DeForrest, The New Reform Club

Criminalizing Scientific Controversy - Edward Dougherty, Public Discourse

Blame Obamacare...For Long Emergency Room Wait Times - Bre Payton, The Federalist

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