October 19, 2015

CathCon Daily - 10/19/2015

How Satan Came to Salem - Adam Goodheart, The Atlantic

Physicist Lisa Randall on the Sublime.... - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings

Dorothy Day - Saint or Crank? - John Zmirak, The Stream

Dorothy Day’s Long Coziness with the Radical Left - John Zmirak, The Stream

Social Inequality Matters...More Than...Economic Inequality - Oren Cass, NRO

Intrinsic Evils, Final Realities, and the Synod - Dr. Samuel Gregg, Catholic World Report

Frames of Mind - Roberto De La Noval, First Things

The Humanities Man the Barricades Against Growing Criticism - Jesse Saffron, Pope Center

The Case for Private Property: A (New) Natural Law Analysis - Samuel Gregg, Public Discourse

Raiders of the Lost Web - Adrienne LaFrance, The Atlantic

Why Wal-Mart's Shrinking Profit Should Scare Liberals - Jed Graham, Investors.com

The Roseburg Shooting, the Presidency, & Faith - Bruce Frohnen, Imaginative Conservative

Education and the Information Revolution - Russell Kirk, Imaginative Conservative

Helicopter Parents Ruining Children - Emma Brown, WaPo

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