October 24, 2015

CathCon Daily - 10/24/2015 (Weekend Edition)

Tom McKenna Schools Mark Shea on the Death Penalty - Donald McClarey, American Catholic

Cow Cloning a Disaster - Wesley J. Smith, NRO

Will's Mistaken Critique of Judicial Restraint - Ed Whelan, NRO

What Should Presidential Candidates Say about Judges? - Roger Pilon, Cato

Pilon on Whelan on Will - Randy Barnett, Volokh

One Banana Short of a Republic - Kevin Williamson, NRO

Zuckerberg Got Taken for a Ride - Rich Danker, Weekly Standard

St. George Tucker on Judicial Review - The New Reform Club

Lawmakers to Serve on Planned Parenthood Investigation - Kate Scanlon, Daily Signal

Uber and the Transportation Revolution - American Interest

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