October 28, 2015

CathCon Daily - 10/28/2015

Liberal Pharisees in the Catholic Church - C.C. Pecknold, NRO

Take a Bow, Species - Kevin Williamson, NRO

Nostra Aetate, 50 Years On - Jonathan Sacks, First Things

Private Science vs. Government Science - Chris Edwards, Cato

Minimum Wage Hikes in Theory and Reality - David Boaz, Cato

The Best and Worse States in America for Married Parenthood - W. Bradford Wilcox, AEI

Native American Children: Separate But Equal? - Clint Bolick, Hoover

Who’s Responsible? - Walter Williams, Human Events

Diversity in the Christian University - Elizabeth Corey, Public Discourse

The Looming Political Battle of the Ages - Joel Kotkin, New Geography

Confronting the Administrative State - Charles Cooper, National Affairs

How the GOP Can Appeal to Black Voters - Theodore Johnson, NRO

The GOP’s Justice Reform Opportunity - George Will, Human Events

The View From Catholic Schools - Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Societies Built in Sand - Dr. Joel McDurmon, American Vision

The New York Times’ Ben Carson Double Standard - R.J. Lehmann, The Federalist

Under Obama, Student Loans Hit A Record High - Bre Payton, The Federalist

Not All Dogs Go to Heaven - Dominic Lynch, The Federalist

The Politics of John Dickinson - M.E. Bradford, Imaginative Conservative

“Nation’s Report Card” Rapid Reaction - Neal McCluskey, Cato

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