October 5, 2015

CathCon Daily - 10/5/2015

Democrat Party Doing Nothing to Promote Debate - Daniel Halper, Weekly Standard

Principal Cancels America Pride Day - Eric Owens, Daily Caller

A Conservative Case for Freedom - M. Stanton Evans, Intercollegiate Review

Science Does TOO Know When “Human Life” Begins - Wesley J. Smith, NRO

Warren’s Wall Street Double Standard - Brendan Bordelon, NRO

New Polls Have Carson Surging While Trump Falls - Kemberlee Kay, Legal Insurrection

To Whom Do Children Belong? - Melissa Moschella, Public Discourse

Solzhenitsyn [&] Importance of the Second Amendment - Donald McClarey, American Catholic

Military Isn’t A Low-Wage Option For Stupid People - Emily Domenech, The Federalist

Musings by Reader John - Tipsy Teetotaler

Sloganeering at the University - Bernie Reeves, NRO

Erasing the Fundamental Commitments of American Constitutionalism - Joseph Postell, Nomocracy

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