October 9, 2015

CathCon Daily - 10/9/2015

The Twilight of French Jewry - Alain El-Mouchan, Mosaic

Say ‘No’ to Judicial Tyranny - John Zmirak, The Stream

Teachers Union...Boosts Liberals - Jason Hart, Daily Signal

Kevin McCarthy Withdraws From Speaker Race - Kevin McCarthy, Federalist Staff

"Wolf Hall" Gets Cromwell Wrong - Rick Garnett, MoJ

The HHS Mandate: The Legal Argument - Matthew J. Franck, Public Discourse

Elite...Opinion Influences the Court - John O. McGinnis, Liberty Law Blog

Language, Faith, and Humility - Mary G. Leary, Mirror of Justice

Prescience in Morris West’s Vatican Trilogy - F.J. Rocca, Crisis

Why Liberal Education Should Upset Us - Emily Bogin, Imaginative Conservative

The Freedom Of Silence - D.C. McAllister, The Federalist

Here’s What’s Behind Our Obsession With Zombies - Kurt Schlichter, The Federalist

A Synod is Not a Democracy - George Marlin, The Catholic Thing

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