November 7, 2015

CathCon Daily - 11/7/2015 (Weekend Edition)

Whatever Happened to the Left’s Love of Free Speech? - Roger Pilon, Cato

Liberals...Emotional Solutions. And So Do Conservatives - David Boaz, Cato

Paid Patriotism, Sports and War - Benjamin Friedman, Cato

Germany Opens Door to Culture of Death - Wesley Smith, NRO

More Culture War - Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Buffoon Exposed - Donald McClarey, American Catholic

Voltaire Needed in Minnesota - Carol Iannone, NRO

Without Religion, There Can Be No Liberal Arts - Matthew Murphy, Intercollegiate Review

U of M School of Law Social Media Controversy - Eugene Volokh, Volokh

Disappearance of Diversity in Higher Ed - Peter Lawler, NRO

The Emmaus Code and the God-Void - David Limbaugh, Human Events

Our Very Dangerous American Military - Michael Avramovich, Touchstone

No, Houston Isn’t Jam-Packed With Bigots - D.C. McAllister, The Federalist

Little Sisters of the Poor Go to the High Court - Ed Whelan, NRO

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