January 15, 2016

CathCon Weekly - 1/15/2016

An Impossible and Unsustainable "Compromise" - Anderson & George, Public Discourse

After Consensus Ends - Russello & Piereson,University Bookman

Eric Voegelin’s Redemption of Modernity - David Walsh, Imaginative Conservative

Catholic Theology, Political Doctrine - Jennifer Kabbany, NRO

The Specter Of Islam - Robert Tracinski, The Federalist

‘Supergirl’ Should Make Chlorine The Hero, Not The Villain - Tren & Urbach, The Federalist

Was America Built by Slaves? - Paul Derosa, American Interest

What Explains the Vicious Left? - David Gelernter, Weekly Standard

The Laws: Introduction - Coyle Neal, Nomocracy in Politics

The Zeitgeist Hits a Bump - Hadley Arkes, The Catholic Thing

Conscience...and Sex-Reassignment Therapies - Severino & Anderson, Public Discourse

The Bob Spitzer I Knew - Linda Ames Nicolosi, Crisis

Psychiatric Mob Rule - J. Douglas Johnson, Touchstone

Transgenderism Has No Basis in Science or Law - Margaret A. Hagen, Public Discourse

Pius XII’s Secret War Against Hitler - George R. Marlin, The Catholic Thing

Fact-Checking Obama’s Final State of the Union - Various, Daily Signal

Conservative Law Professors More Productive? - Jonathan Adler, Volokh

The Burkean Tradition of Strauss and Voegelin - Robert Kraynak, Imaginative Conservative

The Flowering of Legal Cynicism - Bruce Frohnen, Crisis

Academics v. Populism - Thomas A. Firey, Cato

Hours Later, Delp Had Not Implicated the Pope - Fr. Z's Blog

Ten Theses on Immigration - Ross Douthat, NYT

Another Perspective on a Tragic Case - Cooper & Nuckols, Public Discourse

One Day in the Life of an Urban Teacher - Dana Casey, The Federalist

Takeaways From The First GOP Debate Of 2016 - Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist

They are Not Everywhere. They are Not Like Us - Austin Ruse, Crisis

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