February 5, 2016

CathCon Weekly - 2/5/2016

Antiracism, Our Flawed New Religion - John McWhorter, Daily Beast

What’s Wrong with the Humanities? - Bruce Cole, Public Discourse

Making America Great Again? - Francis Beckwith, The Catholic Thing

Is This the Oldest Image of the Virgin Mary? - Michael Peppard, NYT

Is Populism Replacing Conservatism? - Bruce Frohnen, Imaginative Conservative

Sex Changes, Mental Disorders, and Too Many Suicides - Walt Heyer, Public Discourse

The Field Guide to Ted Cruz - Erica Greider, Texas Monthly

Firing Bad Teachers Improves Student Performance - American Interest

California of the Dark Ages - V.D. Hanson, Pajamas Media

On Catholic Intelligence - James V. Schall, Crisis

Marie Kondo’s Teleology Of Tidying Up - Julia Shaw, The Federalist

Slash City - Matthew Hennessey, City Journal

The Political Dangers of Rising Political Correctness - John McGinnis, Liberty Law Blog

A Conversation with Jonathan Haidt - John Leo, Minding the Campus

The Savior of French Liberalism - Daniel DiSalvo, City Journal

“Advise and Consent”: A Great Novel Returns - John J. Miller, Imaginative Conservative

If You’re Not Paranoid, You’re Crazy - Walter Kirn, The Atlantic

Neoplatonism, Christianity, and Camus - Graham McAleer, Liberty Law Blog

Margaret Sanger’s Eugenics Heyday in the Federal Government - Susan Muskett, Public Discourse

The Rise Of Libertarian Socialism And The Decline of Freedom - Federalist Staff

Coen Brothers, Gab Is A Curse, Not A Gift - Julia Shaw, The Federalist

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