February 13, 2016

Some Classical (Loosely Speaking) Music

When I ask most people about their musical tastes, the response, with little variance, is "Almost everything except...." Usually, the "except," is country, rap, metal, or the like. It is surprising to me, at first, that most people do include classical music in their likes. When I say "classical," here, I am referring to symphonic or polyphonic music, generally. Most people, I suspect, think of Romantic composers, or Baroque, when they think "classical." However, inquiring more deeply, most of the time, people hem and haw, and usually respond with something to the effect of "Well, I like to listen to it when I study," or "I listen to it on the radio sometimes."

I try to steer such people to some classical they might enjoy, but that is also edifying in the sense of expanding their musical horizons. I have had some minor success, but the majority of people (I suspect) never bother. So, in the interest of connecting with my readers (some of whom might enjoy this music), I will post a few links here to music that regularly crosses my cans. Of course, that list could range into the hundreds of tracks, so this is really just a small sampling.

Appalachian Spring - Aaron Copland

Ralph Vaughn Williams - Oboe Concerto

Ralph Vaughn Williams - Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis

Thomas Tallis - Spem in Alium (now unfortunately associated with 50 Shades of Stupid)

James Horner - Glory (excerpt below, but the whole score is...stunning.)

Capella Romana - Byzantine Chant

Benedictine Monks of Nursia - Ave Maria (part information; part music)

Chanticleer - Reproaches & Trisagion (Popule Meus)

Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F Major

PDQ Bach - 1712 Overturn (Yes - it's...spoofy)

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