March 18, 2016

CathCon Daily - 3/18/2016

Terrence Malick's Openness to Life - William Randolph Brafford, First Things

Uniting to Fight Poverty - Arthur C. Brooks, AEI

The Third Party Dilemma - Ross Douthat, NYT

What a Sad Year This Is! - Peter Augustine Lawler, NRO

Scientists Discover a Good Climate Surprise - American Interest

Superheroes, Vigilantism, and Morality - Matthew Bowman, Catholic Geeks

The New Old Masters - James Panero, City Journal

Youmerica - Sultan Knish

An Open Letter to the Virginia Tech Community - Charles Murray, AEI

Children as Political - Mark Bauerlein, First Things

Equality: A Hope Without a Party - Joshua Mitchell, American Interest

The National Bank: An Early Lesson in Constitutional Fidelity - Carson Holloway, Public Discourse

Should We Love Democracy? - Daniel J. Mahoney, Imaginative Conservative

Trans-forming Public Spaces - Matthew Hennessey, City Journal

Electing Trump Should be Unthinkable - Rachel Lu, Crisis

Is Electing Trump Really Unthinkable? - Peter Maurice, Crisis

"The Walking Dead" and Dead Bodies - Wesley Smith, NRO

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