March 23, 2016

CathCon Daily - 3/23/2016

What Trump and Sanders Teach Us about America - S. Adam Seagrave, Public Discourse

Ad Hominem Violence - Randall Smith, The Catholic Thing

The Return of the Absent Clockmaker - John Horvat II, Crisis

Trade Deficit Angst - Walter Williams, Human Events

Easter is Not a Question Mark - George Weigel, First Things

How Obamacare Has Worked the Past 6 Years - Melissa Quinn, Daily Signal

Obamacare Was Going to Lower Health Care Costs - Robert Moffit, Daily Signal

Warren Buffett and Liberal Education - Christopher Nelson, Imaginative Conservative

Edmund Burke, Rightly Understood - Lee Cheek, Imaginative Conservative

Trumpism: America's Berlusconi Moment - Joel Kotkin, New Geography

Hormonal Contraceptives Are Not Health Care - Alana Newman, The Federalist

It’s the End of the Line for GOP as We Know It - Jonah Goldberg, NRO

Millennial Socialism Will Harm Our Democracy - Stanley Kurtz, NRO

Silence Equals Trump - Ross Douthat, NYT

Why Socialism Always Fails - Mark J. Perry, AEI

Math Favors Married Parents - W. Bradford Wilcox, AEI

Awakenings - Charles J. Chaput, First Things

Sixth Circuit Loses Patience with IRS - Jonathan H. Adler, WaPO

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