April 15, 2016

CathCon Daily - 4/15/2016

Régis François Gignoux - Niagara Falls

Justice Thomas: Mr. Republican - Ken Masugi, Liberty Law Blog

Deferred Prosecution: Meet the Fokkers - Michael Greve, Liberty Law Blog

Obama Administration Doubles Down - Elizabeth Slattery, Daily Signal

New Jersey Court Finds Cruz Eligible - Michael Ramsey, Originalism Blog

The Silent Nasty - Andrew Klavan, City Journal

Scientific Subversion - Wesley J. Smith, NRO

Power & the Divided Self - Christopher Morrissey, Imaginative Conservative

The Standardization of Higher Education - Peter Augustine Lawler, NRO

Same-Sex Parents More Irritated with Their Children? - Mark Regnerus, Public Discourse

Misfiring on the Roberts Court - Mark Pulliam, Liberty Law Blog

Police Wrongdoing...and the Ferguson Effect - Mike Rappaport, Liberty Law Blog

A Misanthrope’s Guide To ‘Madam Secretary' - Dave Carter, The Federalist

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