April 22, 2016

CathCon Daily - 4/22/2016

George Caleb Binghman - Flatboatmen in Port

Kempism is Dead - Pete Spiliakos, First Things

Not Everything Is Peachy In Georgia - Michael Avramovich, Touchstone

What They Didn't Teach You in School About Harriet Tubman  - Eli Lehrer, NRO

Our (Sexual) Carthage Must be Destroyed - Dave Carlin, The Catholic Thing

Evolution of Humanity, Sex, & Gender - Stephen J. Rummelsburg, Imaginative Conservative

Conservative Thought of Eric Voegelin - John P. East, Imaginative Conservative

What Rights Do People of Faith Have? - Ryan T. Anderson, Daily Signal

Heather MacDonald on Proactive Policing - Mike Rappaport, Liberty Law Blog

The Bard, the Bathroom, and the Common Good - Adam Carrington, Public Discourse

The Case for Catholic Shakespeare - Kenneth Colston, Crisis

Shakespeare, Four Centuries On - Alexi Sargeant, First Things

Shakespeare, Cervantes, and the Romance of the Real - R.V. Young, Modern Age

The Not-So-Independent Judiciary - Michael S. Greve, Liberty Law Blog

The Death Of Prince And The Death of Jesus - Hans Fiene, The Federalist

What ‘Game Of Thrones’ Reveals About The Politics Of Decline - Julia Shaw, The Federalist

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