April 26, 2016

CathCon Daily - 4/26/2016

Peter von Cornelius - The Three Marys at the Tomb

The Harvard Library That Protects The World's Rarest Colors - Diana Budds, C.O. Design

The End of Democracy in America - Myron Magnet, City Journal

4th Circuit Inflicts Sex Change on Title IX: Part I - Ed Whelan, NRO

Social Security Getting More and More Regressive - American Interest

Waste and Mismanagement at DHS - Rep. Scott Perry, Daily Signal

Johnny Manziel, Victim - Jim Geraghty, NRO

Two Views of the End Times - Titus Tichera, NRO

The Patriarch, the Pope, and the Refugee Crisis - John Chryssavgis, First Things

America Should Stop Paying to Defend the World - Doug Bandow, Cato

Why Governments...Shouldn’t, Recognize Polygamy - Christopher Kaczor, Public Discourse

Schall in Outer Space - J.V. Schall, The Catholic Thing

Cruz News, Good and Bad - Jack Fowler, NRO

Oregon Bakers Continue Legal Fight - Kelsey Harkness, Daily Signal

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