May 13, 2016

CathCon Daily - 5/13/2016

Stoned Drivers Are Killing More and More Innocent Victims - Cully Stimson, Daily Signal

Buying the Right Toys from Faiths R Us

 - Anthony Esolen, Crisis

A Subjective Definition of "Death" - Wesley Smith, First Things

Trump's Threat to the Constitution - David Bernstein, Volokh

Amtrak’s For-Profit Regulation - George Will, Human Events

Pope to Establish Study Commission - Eye of the Tiber

A Direct Glance at America - Richard Reinsch, Liberty Law Blog

Corpus Linguistics and the Misuse of Dictionaries - Mike Rappaport, Liberty Law Blog

Constitutional Conflict in North Carolina - Robert McFarland, Public Discourse

Socrates and the Purpose of Rhetoric - T. Renee Kozinski, Imaginative Conservative

The Conservatism of Piety - John East, Imaginative Conservative

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