May 18, 2016

CathCon Daily - 5/18/2016

The Future of Accommodation - Rick Garnett, Scotusblog

An Assault on Due Process at U.C. Berkeley - Peter Berkowitz, Real Clear Politics

Ways...Lawmakers Could Respond to Obama’s Bathroom Directive - Philip Wegmann, Daily Signal

Underrepresented Groups in Law Faculties - George Leef, NRO

Donald Trump is not Expanding the GOP - Ramesh Ponnuru, NRO

Dark Doings in Indian Wells - Ramesh Ponnuru, NRO

The Bathroom Putsch - Rich Lowry, NRO

Fined for Not Calling People "Ze" or "Hir" - Eugene Volokh, Washington Post

America’s Dangerous Crisis Of Confidence - John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist

Three Paths to Rome - K.E. Colombini, Crisis

Scalia School of Law - Walter Williams, Human Events

How to Pay Attention - Gracy Olmstead, American Conservative

The Fact-Free Universe of Transgender Activism - Kevin Clark, Crisis

The Case Against Disclosing Candidates’ Tax Returns - John McGinnis, Liberty Law Blog

Steam Shovels Went Away - Paul Schwennesen, Liberty Law Blog

Trump Supporters Aren’t Stupid. They’re Foolish - Paul David Miller, The Federalist

Phoenix To Artists: Draw What We Want Or Else - Jeremy Tedesco, The Federalist

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