May 2, 2016

CathCon Daily - 5/2/2016

Fitz Hugh Lane - Gloucester, Mass.

Enlivening of the Russian Literary Imagination - Glenn Davis, Imaginative Conservative

Home Rule - Phillip Campbell, Distributist Review

Finding Freedom in a Totalitarian Age - Tobias J. Lanz, University Bookman

Scalia, Persistent Champion of Constitutional Republicanism - Matthew Franck, Public Discourse

No, Maternity Leave Is Not ‘Me Time’ - Georgi Boorman, The Federalist

Should Christians Apologize for the Crusades? - Bruce Frohnen, Crisis

Doses of Dos Passos - Part I - Jay Nordlinger, NRO

The Convention Is Rigged—And That’s A Good Thing - Greg Weiner, The Federalist

Confronting the Inevitability of Hillary - Joel Kotkin, New Geography

The Right to Privacy is a Threat to Liberty - John McGinnis, Liberty Law Blog

Black Residents Matter - Aaron Renn, City Journal

The Left Replaces Rule of Law with Rule of Politics - Stephen Krason, Crisis

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