June 10, 2016

CathCon Daily - 6/10/2016

Charlie Chaplin and the Ghosts of London - K.V. Turley, Imaginative Conservative

The Evolving Urban Form: Detroit - Wendell Cox, New Geography

What’s Wrong with Me Before You - Jennifer Lahl, Public Discourse

Summer Is For Reading - Gracy Olmstead, American Conservative

Sanity Sets In On Stanford Sexual Assault Case - American Interest

Law & Order - David Warren, The Catholic Thing

On Self-Deception - J. Budziszewski, The Catholic Thing

Senators Ready...to Stop DOJ From Bankrolling Liberal Groups - Philip Wegmann, Daily Signal

The Agony of the Trump Endorsers - Rich Lowry, NRO

Wrong for Peter Thiel to Fund Suit Against Gawker? - David Harsanyi, NRO

For the Untenured Conservative Humanist - Mark Bauerlein, First Things

Shakespeare on Law and Liberty - Lee Oser, Liberty Law Blog

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