June 13, 2016

CathCon Daily - 6/13/2016

A Thought and a Prayer for Fellow Christians - Robert George, Mirror of Justice

The Price We Pay For Not Destroying ISIS - John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist

Islamic Terrorism in the U.S. May Get Worse - Dr. Andrew Holt, College Fix

Trump a Poor Vessel for Popular Revulsion with Political Class - Joel Kotkin, New Geography

John Paul II, Porn, and the Stanford Rapist - Matthew Sewell, Crisis

Does John Oliver Know Anything About Debt Collection? - Christopher Miller, The Federalist

The Abiding Influence of John Rawls, Part One - Randall Smith, Public Discourse

We Need Sentencing Reform And This Bill Is A Good Start - Rachel Lu, The Federalist

Exploiting Orlando - Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Can Climate Alchemy Save the Planet? - American Interest

The Way Ahead - Robert Royal, The Catholic Thing

Humility in Public Life - Brittany Baldwin, Imaginative Conservative

Making Myths about “Money Makers” - Paul Loreno, Liberty Law Blog

Emotional Reactions are a Poor Guide to Policy - Ilya Somin, Volokh

Sound Money in Theory and Practice - Gerald P. O'Driscoll, Cato

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