July 12, 2016

CathCon Daily - 7/12/2016

Sins of their Fathers - Alexi Sargent, First Things

Stump Speech for a New Candidate - Stephen J. Heaney, Public Discourse

On the Alchemy of Party - Hadley Arkes, The Catholic Thing

What Brexit Teaches Us about Democracy - Alexander Salter, Imaginative Conservative

Direct Democracy Produces Neither Wisdom... - Theodore Dalrymple, Liberty Law Blog

Most Of All We Hate The Experts Because They’re Always Wrong - Greg Scandlen, The Federalist

America's Worst President - Myron Magnet, City Journal

The Federal Government Is Ignoring Pro-Life Consciences - Ramona Tausz, The Federalist

Pro-Black, Pro-Police Reform - Shamed Dogan, NRO

Pathetic That It Takes ‘Pok√©mon Go’ To Get Us Outside - Bethany Mandel, The Federalist

As Trump Won, Media Coverage Turned Negative - Byron York, Human Events

The War on Cops - Thomas Sowell, Human Events

The Perils of Moral Narcissism - Peter Berkowitz, Real Clear Politics

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