July 15, 2016

CathCon Daily - 7/15/2016

The Human Need for Sacred Community - David Carlin, The Catholic Thing

Raises for Teachers Create Perverse Incentives in Graduate Education - Erik Gilbert, Pope Center

The Gnosticism of Abraham Lincoln - M.E. Bradford, Imaginative Conservative

Ginsberg No Impartial Judge - Elizabeth Slattery, Daily Signal

Top 10 Progressive Bumper Stickers from History - Patrick Fletchall, The Federalist

God and Man in Hollywood - Mark Judge, Liberty Law Blog

You Have No Rights Without Natural Law - Jim DeMint, The Federalist

Wang Yangming on the Unity of Knowing and Acting - Eric Schwitzgebel, Splintered Mind

The Complete Student Debt Story - Jason Delisle, AEI

Donald Trump is Right About Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg - NYT Editors

William Shakespeare and the Socratic-Christian Heritage - L. Joseph Hebert, Public Discourse

On the France Terror Attack - Robin Simcox, Daily Signal

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