July 7, 2016

CathCon Daily - 7/7/2016

Metropolitan Kallistos Reflects on Council - Michael R. Heinlein, OSV

What Do We Know about Education? - David Boaz, Cato

Elevated CO2 Stimulates the Growth of Papaya - Craig D. Idso, Cato

Human Rights and the Pan-Orthodox Council - Mark Movsesian, First Things

Lasting Imprint of Family - George Will, Human Events

How We Can Avert the Coming Debt Crisis - Paul Winfree, Daily Signal

The Transgender Suicide Rate Isn’t Due To Discrimination - Daniel Payne, The Federalist

You Don’t Have To Be Black Lives Matter To Support...Accountability - Rachel Lu, The Federalist

Surprised (and Saddened) by Joy - Bradley Birzer, Imaginative Conservative

The Shooting of Philando Castile - Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Texas Lawmen and the Lawless Court - Adam MacLeod, Public Discourse

A Civics Lesson from a Zulu King - John Horvat II, Crisis

What We Know About Fatal Tesla Accident - Randal O'Toole, Cato

The Blue Shift of the New England Professoriate - Sam Abrams, Heterodox Academy

Has Physics Gotten Something Really Important Really Wrong? - Adam Frank, NPR

Why Teleology Isn't Dead - John Farrell, Forbes

Mindfulness - George Scialabba, Intent

The Uses of Disgust - Anthony Esolen, Crisis

The Deconversion of a Social Justice Warrior - Rod Dreher, American Conservative

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