August 12, 2016

CathCon Daily - 8/12/2016

Severing of Any Connection Between Is and Ought? - Aeon

Martha Nussbaum on Emotions, Ethics, and Literature - Ana Sandoiu, Heterodox Academy

These Olympians’ Stories Of Motherhood Add To Their Awesomeness - M.K. Ham, The Federalist

Americans May Be Tried In Military Tribunals Under His Administration - Jonathan Turley

Gibson and the First Amendment - Eugene Volokh, Volokh

The ‘Ghostbusters’ Post-Mortem - Brad Slager, The Federalist

Picking a Justice Who Can Resist the Lure of the Liberal Side - James Phillips, Public Discourse

The System is Rigged - Donald McClarey, American Catholic

Abandonment of Traditional Values Has Hurt the Black Community - Walter Williams, Daily Signal

Diverse Thoughts on Diversity - Peter Augustine Lawler, NRO

Students Are Moral Relativists: Problem and Solution - Richard Cocks, Pope Center

A Tyranny Film Festival - Mark Judge, Liberty Law Blog

Tocqueville’s Insights Into Donald Trump’s Identity Politics - James Poulos, The Federalist

Progressive Income Tax is a Danger to your Liberties - Mark Skousen, Human Events

Rescuing “Diversity” from Affirmative Action and Campus Activists - Peter Minowitz, Prespectives

Suspended And Required To Attend Cultural Events For Writing “All Lives Matter” - Turley

Most Churches Avoid Polarizing Social Issues - Michael J. New, First Things

Justice Thomas on the Tiers of Scrutiny - Mike Rappaport, Liberty Law Blog

Trump's Proposal to Try US Citizens by Military Commission - Quinta Jurecic, Lawfare

Some Corporation Fight, Some Corporations Cave - Jack Fowler, NRO

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