July 11, 2017


I am no fan of President Trump, as readers of this blog know well. I do think that he, more often than not, does not get a fair shake by the press. However, this obvious bias does not excuse the man's more glaring faults.

One of those faults is his use of Twitter. I don't think much of Twitter as a platform, and I think it's part of our societal woes, for various reasons.

Therefore, what I am doing here is "intelligentsing" a few of Mr. Trump's recent tweets, as a fun exercise.

Very amusing for me, very good for you - and profitable too, very likely, if you ever get over it. - Gandalf.

Recently, I requested that my daughter, a woman whom I know to be intelligent, hard-working, and accomplished, to use my seat at the G20 conference with world leaders. I have every confidence in her ability to do so. Unfortunately, some in the press and Democrats took this as an opportunity to lambaste my choice. As I am sure they are aware, if this had been Chelsea Clinton filling in for her mother, she would be touted as a presidential candidate.

As the hardworking and intelligent voters who elected me know, I have an America-First Policy. There are those in the media who will twist anything I say in the worst possible way, but I will nonetheless carry on, to make American Great Again! 

I thoroughly enjoyed my travels in Poland and meeting the leaders of that great country. I believe the speech I gave was well-received, as evidenced by the praise of even those who usually detract from my efforts!

By continuing missile tests, North Korea has increased instability in the region, threatening our allies of Japan and South Korea. It is truly a wonder that they have restrained their hand in hope of a final peace with North Korea. Perhaps the great China will significantly increase intervention in the role of peace-keeper with their traditional allies  and bring this to a long-lasting resolution.

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