November 13, 2015

CathCon Daily - 11/13/2015 (Extra)

Vermont Official Foresaw Collapse of ObamaCare Co-Ops - Michael Cannon, Cato

Even if Carson Wins, We Lose - Pete Spiliakos, First Things

Tearing Your...Movement to Shreds Is not a Sign of Strength - David French, NRO

Rise of the Academic ‘Identitarians’ - Paul Schwennesen, Liberty Law Blog

Liberalism Murdering Liberalism - Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Millennials Don’t Get The Concept Of ‘Home’ - John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist

Racism Isn’t The Problem On Campus, Gender Insanity Is  - Roberto Oscar Lopez, The Federalist

200-Year-Old Anti-Catholic Law...Ruining Kids’ Chance - Mary Clare Reim, Daily Signal

NH Judicial Nominee Rejected for Not Doing Job - Jonathan Adler, Volokh

Brennan and Jaworski’s “Markets Without Limits” - Ilya Somin, Volokh

A Quick World War I History Lesson for ISIS - Clifford May, Daily Signal

A Yale Professor Reflects - George Leef, NRO

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