November 13, 2015

CathCon Daily - 11/13/2015

Is There a Gun Violence Epidemic? - Jason Snead, Daily Signal

The Mugging Continues - Kevin D. Williamson, NRO

Student Demanding Free College Has No Clue How to Pay For It - Kemberlee Kaye, L.I.

Fact Checking the Milwaukee GOP Debate - NBC Bay Area

The Fiction of "Truth" - V.D. Hanson, Tribune

Yale's Scary Halloween Tale - Peter Berkowitz, RCP

Use the Boycott - Mark Bauerlein, First Things

A Generation that Hates Free Speech - Noah Rothman, Commentary

A Plague of Racial Hoaxes on Campus - Noah Rothman, Commentary

Today In SJW Wackadoodlery - Rod Dreher, American Conservative

A Call for Intellectual Humility - Randall Smith, Public Discourse

Illegal Immigrants Fight for Their Babies’ Birth Certificates - Rod Kackley, PJ Media

How Land Use Regulations Hurt the Poor - Emily Washington, New Geography

The First Amendment is Dying - David Harsanyi, NRO

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