February 19, 2016

CathCon Daily - 2/19/2016

Getting it Right with the Constitution - Pete Spiliakos, First Things

The Tom Wolfe Of Law - Andrew Geisler, The Federalist

The Collapse of Gender Sanity - Rachel Lu, Public Discourse

Trump Speaks for those Bush Betrayed - J.D. Vance, USA Today

A Man for Our Season - David Warren, The Catholic Thing

The State of Nature & the Soul of Man - Christopher Morrissey, Imaginative Conservative

The Rise of Intolerant Liberals - Kim Holmes, Daily Signal

Cut The Crap, Apple, And Open Syed Farook’s iPhone - Gabriel Malor, The Federalist

If The FBI Can Make Apple Open Syed Farook’s iPhone... - Brandon Morse, The Federalist

Risen Rises Above Most Faith-Based Films - Monica Miller, Crisis

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