February 18, 2016

CathCon Daily - 2/18/2016

Progressives’ Anti-Free Speech Itch - George Will, Human Events

Disagreeing with Michael Sean Winters on "Justice Scalia's Legacy" - Rick Garnett, Mirror of Justice

Reid, His Lips - Michael Greve, Liberty Law Blog

Make Banks Bear the Moral Hazard, but Not Yet - Theodore Dalrymple, Liberty Law Blog

Feminists Worried That Adele Finds Purpose In Motherhood - Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist

Enemies Only Prove His Greatness - Russell Dawn, The Federalist

Why Millennials Love Tattoos - Mark Milburn, Imaginative Conservative

Why Natural Law is a Superior Guide to Life - James Kalb, Crisis

Satanist-Approved ‘The Witch’ and Faith-Based ‘Risen’ Hit Theaters Together - Michael Calia, WSJ

Scalia at St. Thomas: Closing Arguments - Michael Stokes Paulsen, Public Discourse

Should Social Conservatives Support Trump? - Matthew Schmitz, First Things

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