February 17, 2016

Cruz the Prophet

I have told most people that I cannot support Trump, either in the primaries or (if it comes down to it) the general election. However, until recently, I was firmly in the Ted Cruz camp. I have found myself generally in agreement with his presidential platform. With that said, I am less enamored of Cruz by the day, and soon may find myself underwhelmed enough to depart from that camp as well.

What has recently disenchanted me with Cruz have been his public statements which seem to invoke God in ways which implicitly or explicitly link the idea of his election and the restoration (or creation) of some form of Christian state. For instance, Cruz recently told a crowd in S.C. that the answer to radical jihadists is not to "tweet insults at them" but to "unleash the holy wrath of the United States." Cruz mentioned that his camp could win the presidency if they  "awaken and energize the body of Christ– if Christians and people of faith come out and vote our values– we will win and we will turn the country around." He also noted that the campaign will likely be attacked and that his volunteers and staff should "to get ready, strap on the full armor of God."

Now, admittedly, being Catholic, I think the phrase "Body of Christ" has a very specific meaning, and it is a phrase which I cannot throw around lightly. Cruz, as a Southern Baptist, has very ideas regarding the meaning of the "Body of Christ," specifically (I think) to the members of the Christian community.

However, the prophetic overtones of this language, the vague (sometimes less vague) identification of his candidacy with "the Christian one," and the identification of the United States military mission with unleashing "holy wrath," are all souring me on Cruz rather quickly. I have grown tired of the cult of personality, which is what much of our politics seems to revolve around, but I am more tired of Christian politicians who sound rather like the marriage of an evangelical preacher, Old Testament prophet, and a patriot nostalgic for days that never were.

I understand he may be making a play for certain voting communities. He may lose my own vote in the process.

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